Date of birth: 18.06.1976
Member since: 01.03.2011

Since birth Fanny Bourgeois has been suffering from arthrogryposis, making her unable to use hands and legs. From early childhood on she has been using her mouth for the tasks of daily life, and for playing, painting and drawing. She received standard school education, completed grammar school and took her A levels. As her talent manifested itself when she was quite young, her parents decided to enrol Fanny Bourgeois at an art college. Simultaneously, she pursued communication studies, and this is the field where she is working at present. At the tender age of nine, in 1985, she received a scholarship from the Association. In 2001 she became associate member of the VDMFK. Today, Fanny Bourgeois is still pursuing her artistic education at the same art college with the same art teacher. She has a preference for water-colours although she also paints in oils. Her favourite motifs are flowers, people and portraits. Through her paintings she wants to express her sensibility, her dreams and emotions. Regular exhibitions give the public the opportunity to view her works.

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