Date of birth: 25.08.1962
Member since: 01.03.1996

After finishing secondary school, Hanneke Boot felt an increasing need to develop her drawing skills and to give expression through drawing and painting to what was going on inside her. Unfortunately, she discovered that a muscle disease leading to physical disability meant that she was unable to satisfy the requirements of an academy of art and to complete the number of works she would have had to create there. As an alternative, she followed a correspondence course in drawing, finishing with a diploma in drawing. In addition, she attended various painting courses and workshops in order to learn the technique of mouth painting. Though all these teaching lessons, courses and training activities, Hanneke Boot has acquired a wide range of techniques, in-cluding working in pen and ink, charcoal, pencil, oil and water colours. Her subjects include landscapes, animals, portraits and still lifes, which are implemented in an impressionist and occasionally a surrealist style. The style also depends on the subject and her own mood. For her, painting is a way of communicating and informing the viewer about herself through her manner of painting. After being granted a scholarship by the Association in 1986, she became an Associate Member of the VDMFK 10 years later. This allowed her to attend a course in far-eastern water colour techniques and a correspondence course in psychology. She hopes to be able to apply this knowledge creatively to drawing and painting. In addition, it helps her in the painting and drawing courses which she offers to over-60s.

Fat cat
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