Date of birth: 20.05.1963
Scholarship holder since: 01.09.1991

The mouth-painting artist Cynthia Bernhardt was born in West Covina on 20th May 1963. Cynthia attended primary school and junior high school and the went to high school for four years. Afterwards she spent five years as a college student. At the age of 18 Cynthia Bernhardt fell from a second-storey window. The fall broke her neck and tore her spinal cord. She has now been completely paralysed for eleven years and can only move her head. Cynthia Bernhardt has an ultra-modern wheelchair with an integrated microphone for her telephone. She is a very active person and attends classes at the high school. Later she wants to work with handicapped children. in 1981, while still in hospital, Cynthia Bernhardt started to paint using her mouth. In 1985 she took part in her first exhibition at the Brea Gallery in California. Her hobbies are reading and working with handicapped children.

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