Date of birth: 21.09.1955
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2022

Dianne Lynne Baughman was born on 21 September 1955 in Chester, South Carolina. Because of a congenital injury to the spinal cord, she is unable to walk, and the muscles in her arms and legs do not function. She studied Psychology at the University of South Carolina, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, and had been planning to do a PhD in Psychology in order to later work with children. After the death of her father, Dianne Lynne Baughman supported her mother, and learnt to paint from her. Sometimes she would start painting and continue until late into the night, not wanting to stop. She likes painting landscapes and animals. When she is painting, she is happy and feels free. Dianne Baughman is married with a son, a stepdaughter, and five grandchildren.

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