Date of birth: 27.05.1967
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.1993

Ronen Argalazi was born on 27 May 1967 in Tel-Aviv. The mouthpainter attended Rokach School until grade 6. From grade 7 to 10, he attended the municipal grammar school, and in grade 11 Gordon grammar school for only two months because of his accident. On 9 February 1984 he had a motorcycle accident on the beach of Tel-Aviv, skidding on the sand. He fell on his head, crushing a nerve in his spinal cord which resulted in paralysis. The mouthpainter needs help from other people all day long. Shortly after his accident he started to become interested in art and thus began to paint with his mouth. Today the artist can look back on several exhibitions. On behalf of the ministry of education he travels all around the country, lecturing in schools about car accidents and the MFPA.

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