Eros Bonamini

Born: 20.12.1942
Died: 04.11.2012
President 2002-2012

Eros Bonamini had a peaceful childhood. He graduated from the Technical School, but one day a sports accident fundamentally changed his life. During a dive, he injured his spine, as a result of which he was confined to a wheelchair. During the long break in his life occasioned by the therapy and his new physical circumstances, he devoted himself passionately to literature and classical music. In the process, he also encountered painting, which rapidly became the central theme in his life. Already in 1966, he became a full member of the AMFPA.

Eros Bonamini, who signs his pictures using his artist’s name "Veronese", developed his great talent as a mouth painter in an astonishingly short time during a course of study with two professors. His main artistic style is based on the traditions of Cubism, which is expressed in his still lives and landscapes. One can clearly recognize the artistic intellectualism of the artist in his compositions. Since 1965, he has regularly exhibited his pictures at joint and solo exhibitions all over the world, and it thereby became a habit for him to receive high critical acclaim for his works.

In 1984, the Italian was for the first time elected a member of the Managing Board of the Association. 18 years later, on the occasion of the 9th General Assembly which was held in Lisbon in 2002, Eros Bonamini was elected the 3rd President of the AMFPA and has worked very successfully in that office until his death in November 2012