“We are Diversity 2023” at Biopark Temaiken in Buenos Aires

The four Argentine artists, Wolfgang VRBICA, Cesar Andres BARCIA scholarship holder, Agostina Antonella SEMAAN, scholarship holder, and Carlos Alberto SOSA, scholarship holder, were invited to a special event.  “We are Diversity 2023”, is the name of the event that takes place once a year and is dedicated to the integration of physically disadvantaged people. This year’s event took place on Saturday 16 September 2023 at Biopark Temaiken (https://www.temaiken.org.ar/) in Escobar, a suburb of Buenos Aires.

The artists were accompanied by Lucila and Nicolás Bigio from the Argentine Publishing House of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. In addition to the painting demonstrations and interviews, postcards and calendars were distributed. This way, the numerous visitors could learn more about the artists’ work and the deeper meaning of mouth and foot painting.

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