Ron’s words of gratitude

Dear colleagues

Well, here we are in 2021! I’m sure this past year has brought great pause as we consider all those worldwide and around us who have suffered from this virus. Many of us have lost friends and family not to mention the financial Difficulties we have faced.

I am however, happy and grateful to be alive. I am doing all I can  to stay safe and I have gotten the first shot of vaccine. As a quadriplegic I am happy to report I did not experience any side effects. I am scheduled for my second shot next week. I may be unique but I just wanted to say, feel encouraged if you have an opportunity to get the vaccine. We all know if you experience quadriplegia that your breathing is limited in capacity. For those of us who have been on respirators know it’s even more difficult to take fresh breaths of air to satisfy our oxygen needs. What makes it more difficult is that I cannot cough or sneeze because I have no stomach muscles. My quad cough requires someone to lean me forward with a pillow in my lap to help me quad cough. Does anybody else have this type of unique challenge?

Every day that I get to wake up is a bonus day for me. I am grateful for the birds that sing, the blue sky, the breeze and so many natural wonders. I hope you can still observe and experience the love of nature. If you have family and friends just to see somebody smile or look you in the eyes is empowering. We all need love and touch, especially hugs. I have greatly missed the hugs from my daughters, my friends and family but I also would not wish coronavirus on anyone and I am therefor not taking any chances.

Spring is approaching and I hope that she will bring the beautiful flowers, the birds, the new life of blossoms and buds. May the colors of a sun set bring warmer days and a cheer to the faces of those who long to experience nature at its finest.

Looking forward with an attitude of gratitude for many good days and the energy of love. Let love flow through each one of us.

I am extremely grateful for the amazing people within the mouth and foot painters association. Thank you to the founders and those Who worked so diligently to open up such a wonderful opportunity for me and my amazing brothers and sisters!

I’m confining myself to home, teaching myself  how to use videos and Facebook.. I love to see what various artists are working on… I would be honored if you would send me photos of you and your art as I could put you on my wall of good friends.

Let’s keep this in mind, we only have one day at a time no matter what the circumstance, situation, problem or past we have the power to maintain a positive stance!

With an attitude of gratitude,

Ron Heagy

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