Publishing House Switzerland: First artist online workshop of the year 2022, with the motto “The importance of your own style”

The online seminar series by Kunstverlag Au was continued with another workshop at the beginning of the year. Bracha Fischel, Antoine Leisi, Lea Otter and Lars Höllerer took part in the workshop with the usual ambitious training format and the idea of creating an optimal training framework over four training days. For the year 2022, technical goals have been formulated and new image themes discussed together with Editha Tarantino, who was again won as a course leader. The first two days of training dealt with the topics of colors, optimization of the color palette, use of the appropriate brush shapes, selection of the canvas, background and proportion with the clown’s facial expressions.

The third and fourth day of training led the artists to the question of how the content of an artwork can be emotionally enhanced, in addition to the task of continuously finalizing and color designing the details of the clown.

On the evening of the last day of the online workshop, four remarkable works by the participating artists were presented. The first online workshop in 2022 was crowned with the in-depth work “Stier/Bull”, which the artists created on their own.

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