New Associated member from South Africa

The VDMFK welcomes Brenton Nicholas Swartz as a new Associated Member. On the occasion of the board meeting by video conference in December 2020, he was elected unanimously by the board member as a new Associated Member.

Brenton Nicholas Swarz was born on 30 October 1978 in Cape Town. Due to a shooting accident, he has been paralysed from the neck down since his youth. He attended a school for the disabled. In 1998 he finished grade 12 and went to live in a home for tetraplegic people. In 1999 he enrolled at college and studied computer-aided drawing. In 2001 he started taking art lessons. His aim in life is to lead an independent, normal and happy life.

As with every scholarship holder’s paintings, also his artworks were assessed on a three years period. On the basis of his attained painting level, the jury of the VDMFK recommended in autumn 2020 that Mr Brenton Nicholas Swartz be admitted as a new associated member from March 2021.

Congratulations !

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