Exhibiton organised by the Slovene publishing house

After a four-year waiting period, publishing house Slovenia was able to organize an exhibition in the renowned birthplace of writer and poet Ivan Cankar in Vrhnika. The gallery shows 40 pictures about the theme “Winter Wounderland”.

On 13 December, a workshop was held, in which more than 650 visitors took part. With great interest, the mouth and foot painters were observed and questioned during their work. Nine of the 13 exhibiting artists came personally to this event.These are: Vojko GASPERUT, Benjamin ZNIDARSIC, Zeljko VERTELJ, Nevenka GORJANEC, Martina PAVLOVIC, Dragica SUSANJ, Neja ZRIMSEKZIGER, Angela MEDVED, Eric PIBERNIK.

In honor of the deceased Slovene mouth painter Stojan Zafred, 6 of his paintings were also integrated into the exhibition which can be visited until 15 January 2017.

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