Exhibition in Poznań

From the 4th to 14th of April 2017, the Polish publishing house exhibited 27 works of Polish mouth and foot painters at an exhibition in the cultural center “Zamek” in Poznań. There were 27 new pictures to admire, all painted in oil or acrylis. This resulted in a variety of styles, colors and natural motifs.

Mouthpainter Mariusz Mączka, Poznań’s president Mr Jędrzej Solarski and the director of the cultural center Ms Anna Hryniewiecka participated in the exhibition opening. On that occasion, a painting demonstration was presented. Stanisław Kmiecik, Bartosz Ostałowski, Jerzy Omelczuk and Ms Mariola Wower showed their skills to a large number of visitors. National newspapers and TV stations reported about that special Event.



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