Exhibition at the Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen

Dear friends and supporters of the mouth- and footpainting Artists.
The mfk, die Mund- og footmalende kunstnere welcomes 35 international mouth and foot painting Artists to Danmark.
From July 4th to July 9th, 2023, 35 mouth- and footpainting Artists from all 5 continents will show over 100 admirable artworks at the foyer of the impressive Royal Danish Opera in Copenhagen. These also include works by the well-known Danish artists Ruth Christensen and Ann Lund Wahlberg. They are all members of the worldwide association of mouth and foot painting Artists.
Behind every work of a mouth or foot painting artist there is a complex and touching life story. However, all artists have one thing in common: For each individual, art or painting has taken on an important role. Painting gives a new meaning to her life, which has been reduced in many respects. Learning and implementing skills and recognizing what has been achieved creates a whole new sense of self-esteem. Thoughts, emotions, observations or inner conflicts can be expressed or even resolved with artistic means. For mouth and foot painting Artists, painting is therefore a purpose in life and a way of coping with the circumstances in many different ways. Their works reflect their soul, so to speak.
Regular exhibitions, which take place all over the world, offer a broad, universal spectrum of motifs and techniques and testify to a high degree of individuality and artistic quality. The repertoire ranges from photographically accurate implementations to abstract illustrations.
The works of the mouth and foot painting artists are as unique as the personalities behind them, full of surprises and warmth. It is worth a visit because they should be discovered.
Admission is free

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