Date of birth: 20.04.1988
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2023

Ummal Kuls was born in Alathur on 20 April 1988 without arms and with legs of unequal length. Despite these physical challenges, she learned to draw and paint impressive pictures. Over the years, Ummal has painted more than 500 pictures.
Even as a child, Ummal Kuls was very independent and learned to eat and drink with her feet alone, to comb her hair, apply mascara, cut vegetables and much more. However, her mother and sisters helped her with basic needs such as bathing, washing clothes, etc. She had to stop her studies when she was in the second grade because she had difficulties going to school. The financial background of her family could not afford it at that time. When her parents realised that Ummal Kuls could hold a pencil with her foot, her father bought painting utensils for her to draw and paint fascinating pictures. Her everlasting passion for arts and crafts pushed her to paint more pictures. Her father died when she was 26. The miserable situation at home forced her to stop her creative work. 2 years later, a family friend noticed Ummil Kuls’ artistic abilities and introduced her to Green Palliative. This equipped her with more paints, papers, brushes and related materials and gave her guidance from professional artists. She resumed drawing and painting with full energy and joy.

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