Date of birth: 14.09.1977
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2024

Sonia Jiménez Lara was born on 14 September 1977 and suffers from spastic tetraparesis.
Her artistic career began some years ago with painting handkerchiefs with a brush, and later she started painting on canvas. Due to difficulties which gradually arose in carrying the work out by hand, Sonia decided to take a break and train in graphic design using a tactile graphics tablet. When necroses appeared in her wrist joints and it was no longer possible for Ms Jiménez to continue with this form of artistic expression, she taught herself the technique of painting with her mouth. At her residential home she was encouraged by the workshop teacher to continue with painting on silk scarves.
This technique makes it possible for her to continue her artistic career. Her attitude, stamina, enthusiasm and a lot of patience enable Sonia JIMÉNEZ Lara to overcome the restrictions which occur, and continue to create art. She enjoys selecting landscapes and natural elements as the subject of her works, and in this way highlights her love of flowers.

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