Date of birth: 27.08.2009
Scholarship holder since: 01.03.2024

Jayden Tranby was born without arms on 27 August 2009 in China. When he was nearly two years old he was adopted by a family from Oregon. He has learned to undertake all his activities with his right foot, including writing and painting. Jayden struggles with social anxieties and selective mutism, and painting offers him an excellent opportunity of expressing himself in a way that words cannot express. He started taking art lessons at secondary school and enjoys developing his skills as an artist. Jayden draws inspiration for his works from the natural beauty of places he visits in Oregon and other destinations he travels to. He learned of the VDMFK from Linda Bannon (a holder of a scholarship from the Association). As well as painting, Jayden enjoys Para-Nordic skiing, building with Lego, and camping with his family.

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