Artist Online Workshop “Dare to go your own way”, organised by Kunstverlag Au, Switzerland

With the positive experiences of the first three online seminars and workshops in 2021, Kunstverlag Au realised its fourth online workshop in November 2021 and December 2021. Once again, Edith Tarantino was recruited as the course leader for this event, and thus a well-known and renowned art connoisseur was on hand to mediate for the participating artists. In keeping with the season, the participants devoted themselves to the theme of winter landscapes and the pre-Christmas period.

For the successful realisation, they painted creatively for several hours during three consecutive weeks, each on a selected day of the week. The exchange among each other during the online seminar produced amazing works by the participating artists and makes them look forward to the seminars in 2022.

painted by Lars Höllerer
painted by Bracha Fischel
painted by Antoine Leisi
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