2008- 2013

Vienna 2013: Vernissage on the occasion of the general assembly

Wien 2013

On the occasion of the General Assembly the VDMFK presented an international vernissage with more than 200 works on 4th of July.  The event took place in the Hofburg of Vienna under the auspices of Austrian Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer.

The exhibition gave extensive insight into the current work of famous artists from 29 different countries. The grand opening in the Ceremonial Hall was conducted by the painter Prof. Herwig Zens and the Secretary-General of Amnesty International Mag. Heinz Patzelt.

On the general assembly Serge Maudet was elected the 4th President of the VDMFK.

Farewell of president Eros Bonamini

BonaminiIn 1984 the Italian was elected to the association board for the first time. 18 years later, on the occasion of the 9th general assembly held in Lissabon in 2002, Eros Bonamini was elected 3rd president of the VDMFK. He stayed successfully in his office until his death in November 2012.

Taipeh 2012: Artists’ meeting

Taiwan 2012

From 1st to 6th of October 2012 the VDMFK arranged an artists’ meeting in Taipeh, the capital of Taiwan. 62 mouth and foot painting artists from five countries took part in it.

Taipeh served as the venue for another VDMFK artists’ meeting. 62 mouth and foot painting artists from Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China took part in it.

In addition, many participants came from the VDMFK managing board. President Eros Bonamini could not take part for health reasons. Ruth Christensen from Denmark, Serge Maudet from France, Trevor C. Wells from England and Kun-Shan Hsieh from Taiwan travelled to Taiwan.

Reception by the managing director

On the opening evening managing director Mario Famlonga spoke to the artists. He stressed: « Due to the great number of full members, associate members and stipendiaries in Asia and the South Pacific Region the board decided to have this artists’ meeting in two parts. In May this year our artists from India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand met for a five-day convention in Singapore. For this week we have invited artists from Taiwan, China, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong to Taipeh. I am very happy that we are able to have this convention here in Taiwan. Our association has always been ideally represented here by our board member Mr. Kun-Shan Hsieh and the publisher Mr. Henry Ching.»

Significance of the meetings

Furthermore, the director mentioned the significance of the artists’ meetings: «The word artists’ meeting already shows that this week, you, the artists, are the centre of attention. This convention is supposed to support your painting talent and urge you to further development. This week’s highlight is the opening of our own exhibition, which is located in one of the most visited and most important monuments of Taipeh: the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial. It is a special honor and privilege that we can present our artists’ works in this magical surrounding. The fact that even the President of Taiwan will attend the opening ceremony shows the hospitality and tolerance of this country. »

The central element of the artists’ meeting in Taipeh were the workshops for mouth and foot painting artists. All in all, they took more than 11 hours over various days. The instruction hours were attended by professors that showed different tips and tricks to the artists and helped them to improve their skills.


Singapore 2012: Artists’ meeting

Singapur 2012

The artists’ meeting in Singapore was accompanied by an international exhibition in the Sunctec Exhibition Centre. The exhibition was opened by Christopher Yeow, managing director of the ‘Very Special Arts’ Singapore Ltd. and Eros Bonamini, president of the VDMFK.

The exhibition in the Sunctec Exhibition Centre in Singapore included 175 works by artists from all over the world. At the exhibition opening the association welcomed Christopher Yeow, managing director of the ‘Very Special Arts’ Singapore Ltd. In addition to the managing board of the VDMFK and the mouth and foot painting artists the opening was attended by public figures of Singapore.

VDMFK president Eros Bonamini and Christopher Yeow, managing director of the ‘Very Special Arts’ Singapore Ltd., opened the exhibition by cutting a red ribbon.

Bonamini described the activities of the VDMFK as follows:

« Our association brings around 800 painters from all continents together. We paint our ideas and send our works to the association, which reproduces and offers them to publishers all over the world. The paintings are printed on calendars and postcards and the sales profit is distributed among the painters. » At the end of his speech Eros Bonamini talked about mouth and foot painting in general: « Of course, this exhibition shows our works that were painted by mouth or foot. By this, we can prove those wrong, who doubt we exist and that it is even possible to paint in this special way at such a high quality. For me painting is the most beautiful thing in the world. By painting I not only do what I love, but also earn money. »

The international exhibition during the artists’ meeting in Singapore showed a total of 175 works of mouth and foot painting artists from all around the world.

Mexico City 2010: 12th convention of delegates

Mexiko 2010

From 12th to 16th of April 2010 many artists came together in Mexico City to take part not only in the convention of delegates of the VDMFK, but also in the artists’ meeting for mouth and foot painting artists from different countries of South and Central America.

All in all, the manager of the VDMFK welcomed 36 delegates from all continents plus 60 mouth and foot painting artists from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru and Venezuela that took part in the meeting. Mexico City had already hosted an artists’ meeting in 1994 and had proved to be a suitable venue for such an event.

Mexiko 2010In addition to a painting workshop that lasted for several days, important votings took place during the convention. Longtime board members Manuel Parrenõ and Trevor Wels were confirmed in their offices for six more years. Also the charismatic president Eros Bonamini got reelected. A collective trip to the temple complex of Teotihuacan made the week perfect.


Buenos Aires 2009: Artists’ meeting

Argentinien 2009

From 12th to 16th of October 2009 the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists arranged an artists’ meeting in Buenos Aires. In its more than 50-year long history this was the first time the VDMFK visited South America.

69 mouth and foot painting artists from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia and the three board members president Eros Bonamini, Ruth Christensen and Serge Maudet came together in Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, to take part in the 7th artists’ meeting in the history of the VDMFK. This was the first time in its history that the VDMFK visited South America. It has always been important to the association to hold its meetings in cities of cultural significance – no doubt Buenos Aires is one of them.

Due to the great number of full members, associate members and stipendiaries from South America it was necessary to split the artists’ meeting. In that week, artists from Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Argentina were invited. The board had decided to arrange a second artists’ meeting for mouth and foot painting artists from South and Central America in April of the following year.

In addition to the painting workshops the artists had various possibilities for exchanging their experiences, refreshing old contacts and getting to know new artists. The week was concluded by a collective visit to an Argentine cattle farm. The artists enjoyed their five days together with the managing board and the directorate of the VDMFK.