1997 – 2007

Vienna 2007: Tenth General Assembly

The VDMFKfamily gathered in the Austrian capital Vienna to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. The highlights of this week included a ceremony at which this Golden Jubilee was fittingly celebrated, and an International Exhibition held in the rooms of the world-famous Albertina Museum.

Shanghai 2005: Eleventh Delegates’ Convention

From 11th to 16th April 2005, the Delegates of the electoral regions gathered in Shanghai to hold their 11th Convention. The VDMFK family thus met in the People’s Republic of China for the first time, and, also for the first time, a Delegates’ Convention was led by the new President of the Association, Mr Eros Bonamini. The two central themes of the conference were as follows: firstly, the Managing Board delivered a report on the period from the General Assembly in 2002 up to the Delegates’ Convention in Shanghai. This stated that, at the time of this congress, VDMFK was supporting 686 mouth and foot painting artists as Full Members, Associate Members or Scholarship Holders. Secondly, it was also necessary to confirm Board Members Trevor C. Wells from Great Britain and Prof. Manuel Parreño in their posts. The Delegates confirmed both in their post as Board Members amid general acclaim, so that following the Delegates’ Convention of Shanghai, the Managing Board was composed as follows: Eros Bonamini, President, Ruth Christensen, Kun-Shan Hsieh, Serge Maudet, Prof. Manuel Parreño, Trevor C. Wells and legal adviser Dr. Dr. Herbert Batliner.

Lisbon 2002: Ninth General Assembly

From 21st to 26th October 2002, 64 Full Members and 38 Associate Members gathered in Lisbon, to hold the ninth General Assembly of the Association. The central concern of this assembly was the election of the President, which the passing of Marlyse Tovae had made necessary, and also the Managing Board elections. It was necessary to hold a new election to fill the positions of the two deceased Board Members Marlyse Tovae and Bruce Peardon. The Managing Board requested that the members elect Serge Maudet, mouth painter from France, and Kun-Shan Hsieh, mouth painter from Taiwan, to the Managing Board. The General Assembly affirmed its confidence in both candidates and unanimously elected them both to the Managing Board of the VDMFK. Following this, the election for the President of the Association took place. This election was carried out in a secret ballot. Of the 96 votes cast, 83 were for Eros Bonamini. He was thus elected the third President of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World. To conclude the conference, the Managing Board proposed the bestowal of Honorary Membership on Ms Gaby Armbruster from the USA.

2001: Farewell to President Marlyse Tovae

On 28th July 2001, Marlyse Tovae passed away in her city of residence, Geneva, after a short, severe illness. The mouth and foot painters of the world mourned their President, who had led the Association for over 15 years.

Sydney 2000: Tenth Delegates’ Convention

In the new millennium, the Association invited the Delegates to the Convention in Sydney from 7th to 12th March 2000. For the first time in its history, VDMFK was thereby a guest in “Down Under”. It was necessary to hold a new election, as Board Member Charles Fowler had passed away only four weeks after the General Assembly in Vienna. The Managing Board therefore proposed Mr Trevor C. Wells, mouth painter from Great Britain, for election. No further proposals were submitted to the Convention, and Trevor C. Wells was elected to the Managing Board of VDMFK amid general acclaim.

Vienna 1997: Eighth General Assembly

From 8th to 12th April 1997, 63 Full Members and 39 Associate Members from 32 countries celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the Association in the Austrian capital Vienna. Only a few Full Members and Associate Members were absent from these festivities for health reasons. At this event, the mouth and foot painters from all over the world were able to experience an impressive week, whose highlight was a book presentation and an International Exhibition at Vienna City Hall.

Austrian President, Dr. Thomas Klestil, undertook the Honorary Patronage of this week. The Association could look back on an imposing past – something which was confirmed in Vienna in many different ways. Thus, in April 1997, the Association numbered 80 Full Members and 54 Associate Members. In addition, VDMFK was also taking care of 333 Scholarship Holders at this time. 146 mouth and foot painters have passed away since the founding in 1957. VDMFK has thereby taken care of a total of 613 artists. These have come from a total of 61 countries. At the time of the General Assembly in Vienna, artists of the Association lived in 58 countries. Moreover, at the request of the Managing Board, the General Assembly resolved to bestow two more Honorary Memberships. Ludwig R. Wittig from Germany was accorded this honour. Honorary Membership was also bestowed on Mr Alfredo Iachelli. As Mr Iachelli had passed away a few weeks before the General Assembly in Vienna, this honour was awarded to him posthumously.