1987 – 1996

Vancouver 1995: Ninth Delegates’ Convention

During the conference of the Delegates, it was verified that, at the time of this congress, VDMFK was taking care of 424 artists from all continents. In addition, the Delegates had to elect a new Board Member as, due to the passing away of Board Member Erich Macho, a vacant seat needed to be filled. Since only one name was proposed – that of Prof. Manuel Parreño, a foot painter from Spain, he was elected to the Managing Board to general acclaim.

Rome 1992: Eighth Delegates’ Convention

The Delegates’ Convention from 30th March to 3rd April 1992 in Rome has special significance in the history of the Association. Firstly, extensive changes to the articles of association were approved at the conference. Secondly, the audience with Pope John Paul II in St. Peter’s Cathedral was certainly the highlight of the 50-year history of VDMFK. The Holy Father did not miss the opportunity of exchanging a few words with a number of mouth and foot painters, and giving them his blessing.

An extensive revision of the articles of association was a central item of the conference, a resolution which was unanimously passed by the Delegates. The membership possibilities were thereby expanded. Whereas, up to 1992, there had been only Full Members and Honorary Members, the Delegates passed completely new provisions for possible forms of membership at the Convention of 1992. The articles of association were thereby amended in Article 4 as follows:

“The Association recognizes the following forms of membership:
a.) Full Member
b.) Associate Member
c.) Honorary Member”

The membership possibilities were thus expanded to include the status of “Associate Member”. A further fundamental change concerned the procedure of electing the President. During Arnulf Erich Stegmann’s Presidentship, it was explicitly stipulated in the articles of association that he had been elected President of VDMFK for life. After his passing, the new stipulation was that the President would be elected for six years each time. In 1992, the Delegates changed this in the following provision: “The President will be elected for the next three Conventions by the Plenary Meeting.” With regard to the Managing Board, it was necessary to elect someone to fill the seat of the late Irene Schricker. In addition, a proposal to expand the Board by one person was approved. After the hitherto Board Members Eros Bonamini, Erich Macho and Charles Fowler were re-elected to general acclaim, the Delegates elected Ms Ruth Christensen, mouth painter from Denmark, and Mr Bruce Peardon, mouth painter from Australia, to the Managing Board in a written ballot.

London 1988: Seventh Delegates’ Convention

At the start of the Convention, Marlyse Tovae had some sad news to deliver to the Delegates. Two Managing Board Members, Elof Lundberg and Peter N. Spencer, had died since the last General Assembly in Madrid in 1985. The passing of these two Board Members resulted in the election of two new artists to the Board. In accordance with the new articles of association, the President only had to be elected every six years, for which reason no re-election of Marlyse Tovae as President took place. Since the hitherto Managing Board Members Ms Irene Schricker and Eros Bonamini stood for election once more, they were both re-elected to the Board to general acclaim. A secret written ballot was held to fill the newly vacant seats on the Board, Founding Member Erich Macho, foot painter from Austria, and Charles Fowler, mouth painter from Great Britain, were thereby elected to the Board. Following the Delegates’ Convention in 1988, the Managing Board of VDMFK was therefore composed as follows: Marlyse Tovae, President, Irene Schricker, Eros Bonamini, Erich Macho, Charles Fowler and legal adviser Dr. Dr. Herbert Batliner. The Delegates also officially extended Honorary Membership of the AMFPA to two people who had performed special services to the Association since its founding. These two were Gustav Sturm and Hans Massberger.