1977 – 1986

Madrid 1985: Seventh General Assembly

Just under a year after the passing of Founding President Arnulf Erich Stegmann, the members gathered in Madrid to elect a new President of the Association at a General Assembly. The election of the President took place on 13th June 1985, in a secret written ballot. In all, six proposals were made, whereby three members proposed Mr Peter N. Spencer and three others proposed Ms Marlyse Tovae. Of the 64 votes cast, all were valid. There were 42 votes for the French foot painter Marlyse Tovae, whereby she was elected to the post of President of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painters of the World. Mr Peter N. Spencer accepted this choice and was the first to congratulate her. Marlyse Tovae expressed her thanks for her election and said: “It is a great honour for me, and I will do my best, and do what Mr. Stegmann would have wished.” The Managing Board also took the opportunity of presenting the development of VDMFK to the members. At the time of this General Assembly, over 200 mouth and foot painters belonged to the Association, as Full Members or Scholarship Holders. They came from a total of 41 countries.

Johannesburg 1984: Sixth Delegates’ Convention

The conference in Johannesburg made it clear that the growth of VDMFK was continuing unabated. In all, the Delegates approved the acceptance of a further 15 members and of 41 Scholarship Holders. However, the Convention was focused on two issues: firstly, due to the passing away of Board Member Charles Pasche, it was necessary to elect a new Board Member. Secondly, at the request of the Managing Board, the Delegates approved the expansion of the Board by one person. This led to the election of two new Board Members. Ms Irene Schricker, mouth painter from Germany, was thereby elected. She was one of the Founding Members of the Association. In addition, Johannesburg 1984 was the assembly at which the later President Eros Bonamini, mouth painter from Italy, was elected to the Managing Board. Also at this assembly, at the request of the Managing Board, the Delegates extended Honorary Membership to three people who had performed special services to the Association. These three people were Dr. Dr. Herbert Batliner from Liechtenstein, Prof. Rossella Alberti from Italy and Mr Jakob Aeberli from Switzerland.

The Association Mourns its Founding President Arnulf Erich Stegmann

On 5th September 1984, Founding President Arnulf Erich Stegmann passed away at his birthplace and home Deisenhofen, near Munich. The mouth and foot painters of the world mourned their founder, to whom they owed so much.

Madrid 1981: Sixth General Assembly

From 25th to 28th March 1981, for the second time since 1963, the Full Members gathered to hold a General Assembly in the Spanish capital, Madrid. The Managing Board’s decision to give priority to holding a General Assembly rather than a Delegates’ Convention had several reasons. Firstly, the UNO had declared 1981 the “International Year of the Disabled“, and secondly, the 25th Jubilee of VDMFK was very close. At this General Assembly, the Managing Board took the opportunity of offering those present a comprehensive review of a quarter of a century of VDMFK. A report was published showing the milestones of VDMFK– from its founding in 1957 to 1981. Besides offering a chronological summary of the events and assemblies of the Association since its founding, the report also focused on the media reporting and public relations work of VDMFK. Furthermore, the report mentioned that, as of the date of the General Assembly of 1981, about 200 mouth and foot painters from 37 countries belonged to the Association. 18,147 works had been sent in by these, 4,716 of which had been reproduced. 310 international exhibitions had been organised and held by the Association throughout the world. In accordance with the articles of association, the members had to re-elect the Managing Board. The proposal to expand the Managing Board by one person was approved. The Managing Board proposed Mr Peter N. Spencer, mouth painter from Great Britain, as the new Board Member. He was to be the first VDMFK Board Member who had not belonged to the Founding Members of 1957.

Stockholm 1977: Fifth Delegates’ Convention

The fifth Delegates’ Convention of the Association in Stockholm in 1977 had a special significance. It was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of VDMFK. During the meeting, the Managing Board requested that a further two people should be officially made Honorary Members of VDMFK. These two were Ms Lucienne Uhlmann from Switzerland and Ms Henriette Windprechtinger from Austria.