1967 – 1976

Toronto 1974: Fourth Delegates’ Convention

At the Convention, the Managing Board took the opportunity of proposing the acceptance of two new Honorary Members who had performed valuable services to the Association. The Delegates unanimously approved this proposal, whereby two public figures, Mr Hubert Aigner from Germany and Ms Anda Amir from Israel were officially made Honorary Members.

Barcelona 1971: Third Delegates’ Convention

The development of VDMFK from a loose alliance of a few mouth and foot painting artists to an internationally-active Association with over 100 members also continued during the reporting period leading up to the Third Delegates’ Convention in Barcelona in 1971. At the time of the Assembly in the Spanish metropolis, 129 mouth and foot painters, who were composed of 47 Full Members and 79 Scholarship Holders, belonged to VDMFK.

This growth also led to the third Delegates’ Convention’s being focused on a change in the articles of association. At the request of the Board, it was proposed that the name hitherto used – “Assocíation of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists”, should be changed to “Assocíation of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World”. Those present passed a resolution to change the official name of VDMFK to “Assocíation of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World”. This official name was to remain valid until today.

With deep sadness, the Delegates learned of the death of Board Member Eugen Pirard, who had been voted onto the Managing Board at the Delegates’ Convention in Toronto in 1965. This occurrence made it necessary to elect a new Managing Board Member. After Ms Marlyse Tovae and Mr Charles Pasche were unanimously re-elected, the Delegates elected Mr Elof Lundberg, mouth painter from Sweden, to the Managing Board. Following the third Delegates’ Convention in Barcelona in 1971, the Managing Board was composed as follows: Arnulf Erich Stegmann, President, Marlyse Tovae, Charles Pasche, Elof Lundberg and legal adviser Dr. Dr. Herbert Batliner.

Furthermore, at this conference, at the request of the Managing Board, the Delegates approved the bestowal of Honorary Membership on four people who had performed valuable services to the Association. These four were: Ms Maria Hantzigianni, Greece; Ms McKenzie, Australia; Mr Pastor Poul Jörgensen, Denmark and Mr Erwin Pittroff, Germany.

Bombay 1969: Second Delegates’ Convention

The Convention was focused on the development of the Association since the last meeting in Toronto in 1965. President Arnulf Erich Stegmann was thereby able to draw a positive conclusion and to announce with great pleasure that, for the first time in the history of the Association, the number of Full and Scholarship Holders had exceeded 100. At the same time, the number of countries where VDMFK was represented had also increased. Since the Delegates’ Convention in Bombay, three new countries – Turkey, Israel and Kenya, had appeared on the Association’s map. 47 Full Members and 69 Scholarship Holders were currently being looked after by VDMFK. At this Assembly, the Delegates also had to decide on a proposal made by the Managing Board, that Vladimiro Bubola from Italy should be received into the Association as an Honorary Member. The Delegates unanimously approved this proposal, whereby Vladimiro Bubola became the first Honorary Member of the Association.