Who may receive an VDMFK scholarship?

The Association supports up-and-coming mouth or foot painting artists by granting scholarships: a scholarship may be awarded to any respectable mouth or foot painting artist living anywhere in the world. Grants may only be awarded to persons who, as a result of their handicap/disease, are not able to paint with their hands but only with their mouth or feet. Other seriously disabled artists who work with the stump of an arm, a cephalostat or other aids are not eligible.

Awarding of scholarships

A scholarship is awarded for three years by the Managing Board. The scholarship holder receives a monthly amount from the Association. The level of this scholarship is set at the discretion of the Association’s Managing Board and is adjusted to the recipient’s artistic development.

The VDMFK’s scholarship is not intended for day-to-day living expenses but exclusively for artistic development: attendance at a painting school or private lessons with a recognized artist, the purchase of painting utensils, art books, etc. The granting of a scholarship does not necessarily imply that the individual is entitled to admission to the Association as a member.

Informations about scholarships

You will find detailed informations in the booklet: Awarding of Scholarship (PDF-file).