Tasks & Goals

How are we managed?

Organigramm enThe Association is run as a “democratic co-operative’. All the member artists have a voice in how it is run and it is owned by all of them.

Not all wish to be directly involved in the management of the business and such an arrangement would be impractical anyway for reasons of geography and health, so they elect by postal ballot delegates to represent their interests.

The management procedures are governed by the statutes, which require that a Delegates Convention be held at least once every three years. In practice, this has taken place much more frequently.

For electoral purposes, the Association divides the world into four regions: Europe, Africa and the Middle East; the Americas; the Far East; Australasia and Oceania. Each region deputes at least one delegate for every five members.

How do we, the artists, benefit?

The artists mainly benefit from the financial objectives of the Association. Student members receive a scholarship which is to help them improve their standard of painting by providing funds for materials, tuition etc. This provides them with the means to become an Associate or Full Member of the Association. As a student improves, the scholarship is increased.

When a student has reached a standard judged to be the equivalent to that of non-disabled professionals, Associate or Full Membership is granted.

This means that the member will receive a monthly income for life regardless of whether increasing disability makes it impossible for him or her to continue providing pictures that the Association can market.

This removes the greatest anxiety to haunt the handicapped artist – the fear of losing one’s ability to paint through deteriorating health as the cost of independence for the disabled is high. This is especially so for those who can only live on their own if they have regular helpers.

The entire residue was distributed to the artists. Even if the artist lives in a country where the Association does not yet have a publishing house (thus the Association receives no income from that country) the financial rewards to the artist are the same.

Membership enables the artist to concentrate on painting, secure in the knowledge that business matters are being handled according to their wishes by experienced able-bodied professionals, freeing them from financial anxiety. The Association offers members and students the opportunity to gather, correspond and learn from each other. Members and students are able to meet at the many conferences, exhibitions and other events, and firm friendships.

According to the most recent audit report of 2019 over 86% of VDMFK ‘s consolidated revenues were spent on artist expenses in 2015.