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Marcel ROSSÉ

Painting Method: Mouth painter

Short Biography

Marcel Rossé is a sensitive, finely-tuned young man, who has found his way into painting. He draws the willpower to develop himself further from the landscapes whose character he tries to capture and whose magic he tries to depict. His works, created in oil or pencil, celebrate the beauty and life of Alsace. His membership in the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World gives him encouragement. To be coached and supported by other artists who face the same problems that he does gives Marcel security and furthers his development. He is aware of the goals which can be achieved despite the difficulties caused by disability. From his birth on 6th September 1966, his path in life was beset with difficulties: already in his first year of life, he was a ward of the youth welfare authorities, and at the age of 18 months he contracted viral meningoencephalitis. As a result of this illness, both his arms are paralysed. The foster family whose custody he entered at the age of two was to play a decisive role in his life. Now at last, he received the love which he needed so much. At first, he attended lessons at a centre for schoolchildren’s medical care in the Strasbourg region, then he changed to an institution in the Paris region to train as a professional book-keeper. But Marcel did not obtain the final qualification in that subject. During his difficult youth, Marcel was able to find affirmation through playing the drums and having contact with other young people of his age. Today, Marcel loves life and everything that moves him: he regularly attends concerts, and devotes himself to numerous leisure activities. On 5th July 1997, Marcel married his girlfriend Magali, the chosen companion of his future life. Little Matéo, born on 24th September 2003, is the fruit of their union and their greatest joy. Marcel’s future is oriented towards his family and painting. He works with the aim of developing himself ever further and of giving us ever more captivating pictures.