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Künstler in aller Welt, e. V.

Christina LAU Lay Lian

Born: 01.11.1972
scholarship holder of AMFPA since: 2012
Painting Method: Mouth painter

Short Biography

I am Christina Lau and was born in 1972.  I used to  be a Prison Officer before I was paralyzed.

On 2nd April 2005, my husband and I met a car accident in Malaysia.  I was a passenger sitting right behind seat.  On that day, it was raining heavily and out of sudden our car skid and came to a stop.  Immediately, a car from behind came very fast and bang into our car.  The impact of the bang was very strong.  So it resulted in me being paralyzed from my chest down with complete loss of finger movement.  And I am also suffering from C6 spinal cord injury.  The doctor told me that I will be permanently disabled.

After the accident, I did not give up on myself.  I started to join the Tetra activities in 2009 and from there I got to know a group of friends who used their mouth to paint.  Then, I was very curious and wanted to find out more about 'what is mouth painting'? As before the accident, I never used to like painting or drawing.  But life had changed.  Therefore, I started to pick up painting and will continue to learn.