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Edward BRILL

Born: 04.12.1961
Birthplace: Cambridge/Ontario
Date of decease: 06.03.2008
deceased of AMFPA since: 1997
Painting Method: Mouth painter

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Short Biography

Even in his school days Edward Brill's sportive and artistic talent stood out. At the age of 18 he decided to start a career in motocross racing. He had to abandon his plan four years later when a severe fall left him paralysed from neck down. He spent the succeeding year in a rehabilitation centre and in the same year he attended the "Western Technical and Community School" where he rediscovered his artistic talent. He took several arts courses in which he gained a great reputation. In 1989, he was granted a scholarship by the association which enabled him to intensify mouth painting. Since 1997 he has been an associate member of AMFPA.

Edward Brill's paintings are characterized by a realistic depiction of nature, landscapes, the animal world as well as florals. He mainly paints in oil. His works have granted him several awards. As early as 1987, only four years after the accident Edward Brill had developed his skills to such a degree that he organised his first public exhibition. In the succeeding years he organised several solo exhibitions or took part in group exhibitions.