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Künstler in aller Welt, e. V.

Steven L. SLES

Born: 16.06.1940
Birthplace: Jersey City/New York
Date of decease: 24.10.2008
Member of AMFPA since: 1964
Painting Method: Mouth painter


Short Biography

Steven L. Sles is confined to the wheelchair as his arms and hands have been completely paralysed from birth. At the age of six his artistic talent became apparent, and he began to draw and paint holding the tool in his mouth. After finishing school, he studied at various universities and attended the school of art in New York. In 1964, he became full member of the Association. Over the years he also became a member of different artists' organisations.
"Among fiery abstract colour tableaux, angularly expressive landscapes with impressionist hints, compositions with religious motifs, collages and calligraphic structures, and also as regards the variation of techniques, Steven L. Sles moves with great artistic sureness and has quite an individual profile", says an art historian about his works. Numerous prizes and awards confirmed his success. He has had personal exhibitions around the globe.

The mouthpainter is also a man of great intellect. His hobbies are politics, literature, music, psychology, history and philosophy.