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Painting Method: foot painting artist

Short Biography

Neja Zrimšek Žiger was born on 23 December 1999 in Ljubljana without both arms. As a little baby she tried out various musical instruments, and quickly came to use colouring pencils, clenching them between her toes. Then she became engrossed by books. First, she listened to the story and looked at the words in the books, then she began reading them herself. After she began walking and two and a half years of age, her world became so much bigger. First she began skiing, then rollerblading, playing football, and swimming. Her persistence paid off also in sports activities, as she is both independent and skilled in all the mentioned activities. From the very beginning, she used her feet to play and draw, and paints, brushes and pencils were her favourite toys. She is currently enrolled in the Kette and Muren Primary School in Ljubljana and is an excellent student. In 2005 she obtained a scholarship of the International Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists.