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Künstler in aller Welt, e. V.


Born: 15.07.1987
Birthplace: Los Mochis, Sinaloa, México
scholarship holder of AMFPA since: 2011
Painting Method: Mouth painter

Short Biography

I was born in the city of Los Mochis, Sinaloa on July 15, 1987. I have a brother, a sister and I am the oldest.

I studied primary and secondary school and started working at 16. On July 21, 2006, at the age of 19, I suffered a serious accident when I fell from a height of 5 meters. This happened because the welding of the structure we used to install panoramic advertising signs came apart. When I fell, I fractured my neck and suffered lesions in the 4th. and 5th. vertebrae becoming a quadriplegic. My bone marrow was severely damaged.

I was in intensive therapy for 20 days and seriously ill for 11 months. I was left immobilized from my shoulders to my feet.

Since my accident, my parents and brothers have supported me totally in all aspects. In spite of their activities, they always found time for me, taking me to rehabilitation sessions for a year and a half. This allowed me to recover somewhat and sit on a wheelchair. However, my emotional state was another story. I stayed confined in my room for two and a half years until I realized that there was a life after my tragic accident.

Even though my parents would talk to me to try to help me, I could not understand it. But thanks to God, I met Professor Lidia Cháidez, mouth painter, who invited me to take painting classes with a group of people that paint with their mouth and foot. I started drawing with pencil and writing. At the beginning, I would become very desperate because the results were not as I expected, but now, I really enjoy it!  And when I am painting, I forget about everything, all my pains go away and time goes by unnoticed.

I am currently taking painting lessons at the Vocational School of Arts with Prof. Cháidez together with my classmates. Every Friday we learn new painting techniques and we share life experiences.  

Painting and my relationship with others have allowed me to see the world differently. My classmates and now friends have taught me new ways of doing things, making my life easier.
I applied to the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists and was accepted as a scholarship grantee on March 1, 2011. Becoming a grantee of the Painters Association allows me to be more financially independent and I can make plans to develop myself as an artist and as a person.