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Painting Method: Mouth painter

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Short Biography

Riek de Vos was born with serious physical disabilities as the result of brain damage. She is unable to walk or use her hands. Despite these difficulties she attended elementary school learning to write, draw and paint using her mouth. Riek de Vos left school at 14 continuing to draw as a pastime activity. She received training as a painter at the age of 25. Her contact with A.E. Stegmann, the founding president of the AMFPA, was in 1954. He was busily searching at this time for people who painted with the mouth or foot in his effort to set up the Association. Mr Stegmann took a painting from her that was reproduced and appeared on a greetings card in the same year. The result was that Riek de Vos became a founder member of the AMFPA and she was able to earn her own living from this time on.

Flowers are the preferred subjects in the work of Riek de Vos. Her watercolours are much sought and valued for their delicate colours. She has frequently been able to exhibit her work to a wide public at home and abroad in the course of nearly 50 years regular membership in the AMFPA. In addition she has received numerous honours and awards in Europe and America.

Riek de Vos died on November 3rd, 2007.