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Künstler in aller Welt, e. V.


Born: 01.03.1969
Painting Method: Mouth painter

Short Biography

Mr. M.V. Ravindran, born on Ist March 1969, Birth Place Payyanur, A street of Kannur, Kerala, India. Father Mr. M.V. Kunhiraman (77 years), a Goldsmith by Profession. Presently he is not able to do any work due to oldage. Mother Mrs. M.V. Narayani (69 years), house wife. He have five sisters -three of them are married, and others are living with him and his parents.

He was in Madras in his childhood. When he was two years old, he affected the Polio and it caused to paralise his both legs and hands. He started his school days in time and went to school with his struggled legs. But one day, he was in 6th class, he slipped and felldown in bathroom and broke his left leg's knee. It lead him for bedrest for few months. After physiotherapy and othertreatments his health become better. But he lost his walking ability completly. One autorikshaw man helped to take him to school for continue his study. But after 7th class he was totally helpless and dropped his school l ife.

He was interested in painting, while his primary classes. He get many prizes for his artworks, from his school. When he returned to his native place with his family for an ayurvedic treatment, after his schooling stopped, he got more time to concentrate in painting work. But his body was gratually getting weak and after was his fingers become completely powerless, even hard to hold the brush for painting. Then he stopped his painting habit. Later he came to knowand visited Mr. Ganeshkumar-famous mouth painter, who is living nearby his place, with his Inspiration he started mouth painting and practiced restlessly. Now he is perfect in mouth painting and using oil and acrylic paint for his creation. He selected äs a Student member of mouth and foot painters association in 2003.