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VDMFK-Info 2011-en

7 Exhibition in Austria the occasion of a festival." At the opening Albert Ruetz, M.A., also spoke a few words to the numerous visitors. He said: "When you look at the paintings of the exhibition you will of course find paintings of varying quality. Sometimes the accusation is heard that the artists are moving a bit outside con- temporary art, as what they paint is an intact world. If you look at art as a sequence of styles and isms this might be true. However: isn't art rather a refe- rence to life in general and to everyday life in particular? Isn't the disabled artist, who not only has to wrest the painting he creates from himself men- tally but also physically, entitled to crea- te a world for himself in art that he does not and cannot have otherwise?" VDMFK President Eros Bonamini also seized the opportunity to say a few words to the visitors. He explained the following: "Painting is the most won- derful and amusing activity one can do. This statement does not comprise an absolute truth but is my opinion. To paint by holding the brush with the mouth or the foot is simple but is cause for astonishment." The opening of the exhibition included a painting demonstration given by the two VDMFK Full Members Heinz Halwachs from Austria and Lars Höllerer from Germany. Their painting skills as foot and mouth painters fascinated and amazed the visitors. The invitation to the international exhibition in Feldkirch that was dedicated to the topic of South America. Heinz Halwachs, full member from Austria, gave a painting demonstra- tion on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition. VDMFK members among themselves (left to right): Albert Ruetz, M.A., Sonja Rasberger (VDMFK office), VDMFK President Eros Bonamini, Full Member Heinz Halwachs and Christian Holzner (VDMFK office). Continued on page 8