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VDMFK-Info 2011-en

15 desired and presentable Christmas or mid-season card. With so many skilled artists now in the organization it is a continuing challenge to produce work of a high standard. Celebrating fifty years the VDMFK and management can take credit for changing so many of our lives for the better. The conferences and mee- tings we have participated in over the years has allowed new friendships, the exchanging of ideas and a renewed awareness of how great an organiza- tion we are privileged to be part of. Bringing our products before the public also heightens the awareness that people with disabilities can achie- ve and friendships are enjoyed the world over. Congratulations VDMFK! Margaret Greig Full member from Australia The importance of painting Margaret Greig (Full Member/Australia), "Bergalia Park", acrylic, 40x60 cm. Greig, Margaret Date of birth: 15 March 1937 Place of birth: Moruja/Australia Full member of VDMFK since: 1980 Painting technique: Mouth painter At the age of 13 Margaret Greig fell ill with poliomyelitis. The illness left her quadriplegic and made her dependent on a wheelchair. During her extended stay at hospital she began to paint and write with her mouth. She steadily became more and more fond of pain- ting. Thus art became a focal point for the quality of her life. Even in her later years this joy has not diminished. The opposite is true. Prior to her illness Margaret Greig lived on a farm. This is where she derives her passion for animals, in particular horses and cattle received her attention. They later beca- me the subjects of many of her pain- tings, which also depict scenes of coun- try life. Her oil and tempera paintings also feature flowers. In 1971 she was granted a scholarship by the Associa- tion. It was only nine years later that she became a full member of VDMFK, enabling her to present her artwork to the public at many exhibitions at home and abroad. She frequently gives pain- ting demonstrations at shopping cen- tres and to interested groups. She also visits schools to talk to the children there and to show them how mouth painting is done.