VDMFK - Vereinigung der Mund- und Fussmalenden
Künstler in aller Welt, e. V.

Exhibitions 2004

Taiwan, China (2004)

International art exhibition with paintings and sculptures of mouth and foot painting artists. The organisers were able to welcome a number of Taiwanese personalities.

Vienna, Austria (2004)

On June, 15th 2004, an international art exhibition of the AMFPA took place in the parliament of the Austrian national council.
Pictures are issued by members from all over the world.

"ZUG UM ZUG" (2004)

The VDMFK organized in cooperation with the ÖBB from October 15th to December 20th at the Austrian railway stations an international touring exhibition.
Wien Südbahnhof: 15. Oktober bis 27. Oktober 2004
Graz: 29. Oktober bis 12. November 2004
Innsbruck: 16. November bis 29. November 2004
Linz: 3. Dezember bis 20. Dezember 2004