VDMFK - Vereinigung der Mund- und Fussmalenden
Künstler in aller Welt, e. V.

Who Are We?

We are a foreign organization operating in Chile since the year 2007.  We are present in approximately 70 countries around the world and accommodate more than 770 painters from different origins. In Chile we have three scholarship holders that have been grantees for many years, and soon we hope to be able to incorporate to our Association other disabled artists or new talent.

This community of disabled artists is owned by its members and was founded by artists who are not able to paint with their hands and therefore paint by holding the brush with the mouth or foot.

All members are represented by the Board of Directors of the Association. This Board makes all important decisions and is in charge of supervising the work of people without physical disabilities that work in the administration, as well as those employed by the organization.

This unique international cooperative is directed and administered by the control over the supervision of its members, all artists without the use of their hands. It has achieved successes in sales of its products in this very competitive market and, at the same time, helps to ensure an independent lifestyle for the artists and enhances the activity of their creative work, free of financial worries.  
To reproduce the works of art, an internal selection process takes place based on deliveries that have the most potential in artistic sales, and not on the individual needs of the artists.  This is done with the goal of contributing to a good end result on the earnings for the society in any given year.
The method used to commercialize the products of the Association around the world is through sales by mail. After many studies done it has been demonstrated that this system is the most effective.

Every year we produce a large quantity of cards that we send via postal mail directly to our usual collaborators during the dates close to Christmas. Additionally, we send a selection of our cards to other potential collaborators in case there is an interest, or if they might wish to collaborate with the Association in the future.
In all of our deliveries we enclose a note stating that there is no obligation to pay or to return these, so their purchase is completely voluntary.