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Künstler in aller Welt, e. V.


Born: 26.07.1942
Birthplace: Moosthenning/Bavaria
Member of AMFPA since: 1983
Painting Method: foot painting artist

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Short Biography

Due to complications at birth, Günther Holzapfel came into the world suffering from spasticity. He is unable to control the movements of his head and arms and is confined to a wheelchair. Already as a child, he used his feet to carry out many activities, and they increasingly took over the role of hands. He was not able to learn to walk due to a lack of therapeutic and medical assistance during the war and post-war years.

At that time, as a disabled child Günther Holzapfel was excluded from attending school. He learned reading, writing, mathematics and acquired the necessary general knowledge through teaching himself and through the help of his family. At six, he made his first attempts at painting with wooden coloured pencils. He likewise acquired his painting skills mainly through teaching himself. However, able-bodied painting colleagues were often there to support him with spontaneous ideas, advice and technical discussions.

Günther Holzapfel was received into the AMFPA in 1964 and received Full Membership in 1983.

Günther Holzapfel finds fulfilment and happiness in life in painting. “I’ve often said that if I was a healthy person, perhaps I mightn’t be as happy as I am now”, he writes in his homepage. At painting demonstrations, it always gives him great pleasure to show his fellow men how fulfilled and happy life as a disabled person can be. For this reason, he constantly takes part in exhibitions and painting demonstrations, and organises such events himself.

Günther Holzapfel’s favourite motifs are the landscapes of his homeland, the Bavarian Forest, and also still lifes and his own compositions. His oil and acrylic pictures have already been displayed in many cities in Germany and abroad.